Red Cliff (copper) Property Summary

Stratabound shale or mudstone-hosted copper deposit associated with redbeds and evaporites ("Kuperschiefer-type")

The Red Cliff property is located in the western portion of the Avalon Tectonostratigraphic Zone of eastern Newfoundland, part of the Appalachian Orogenic Belt. Equivalent rock sequences can be traced south to the Carolinas in the United States and to Morocco in northwestern Africa..

The Blue Point showing is a well-exposed cliff along a rugged coastal section 1.5 km northeast of the town of Duntara in Broad Cove, Bonavista Bay, Newfoundland. Due to the rugged nature of the shoreline, access can only be gained to the extreme northeastern end of the greybed where the zone dips into the ocean. At this point, only the top few meters of the upper greybed zone sit above water while the brown zone and lower greybed is not exposed at all.